The Allies in Darkness

Learning to See the Future

Victories and Losses

As German troops pour across the border of Poland, the world is held in suspense for the British and French reactions. FDR was recently denied a request to supply munitions to Europe by the United States Congress, and it looks as though America will remain non-interventionalist. Poland is on its own against the Nazis.

In Paris, a trio of foreign agents meet at an outdoor cafe, as they’ve made their habit over the last few weeks. As they discuss the state of world affairs, a messenger boy delivers an order for leather book covers to the man calling himself Auguste Dupin. Auguste peruses the note and casually asks his friends to accompany him to an airfield west of Paris.

The two other people, clothier Melinda Moonlight and vacationing soldier Andrew Jones, decide they can take time to see the French countryside.

After hiring a car, the trio drove to a field where a British Hurricane aircraft had made an emergency landing and a British officer had disembarked.

Auguste, speaking fluent English, introduced himself to the officer and told him he’d been sent by General Mon De Galle in Bordeaux. the officer, Major AD Wintle, was initially fooled by the story and willingly went along with “James”.

Before being delivered to military police, Major Wintle asked “James” to look in on a frame maker named Maurice Babineaux, on behalf of his friend Ian in the Royal Navy.

Melinda, Auguste, and Andrew took time to discuss their unusual abilities and activities before the day was out.

The next morning, at the cafe, a police inspector gruffly questioned Andrew and Melinda. Auguste defended Melinda’s honor, and got arrested for it. The inspector, Stefan Legrasse, was brutal in his questioning techniques. He was asking about a German and the Cathedral de Notre Dame.

When the pair were finally released, they met up with Andrew at the shop of the woodworker Maurice Babineaux. Maurice was frightened of the visitors, but they managed to calm him enough to get some information. Maurice told them a man named Etienne had come to ask him about a mirror called the “Appelant Mirroir”.

The spies rested for the night.

In the morning, the spies scouted out the Cathedral de Notre Dame. They witnessed a visit from Emmanuel Suhard, the Cardinal of Onofre, and met Henri Fontaine, a priest who was fairly new to France.

They continued to monitor the Cathedral.

The next day, the spies resumed their stakeout of the Cathedral. Late in the night, Henri returned, badly injured. Andrew attempted to heal Henri by supernatural means, but found himself unable. The spies absconded with Henri to a Parisian doctor.

Explosions rocked the Cathedral de Notre Dame. Melinda raced back to the church and spotted a battle in the distance, alerting her allies to the disturbance. They pursued and destroyed vampiric creatures who were being driven away from Notre Dame by a trio of white garbed strangers.

The strangers vanished in the middle of the battle, and one of the vampires managed to slip away. Melinda sneaked back inside the Cathedral and tore the rectory apart, discovering an ancient cup.

When Father Fontaine recovered enough to be communicative, he warned the spies against using the cup, which he called the Judas Grail. Henri described his initial battle with the vampires in Bordeaux, during which the Gassed Man captured the Appelant Mirroir. The vampire leader’s name was Peter Weiss.

The trio, assisted by Maurice Babineaux, tracked down Weiss during the day and destroyed him. They then tracked down Weiss’ former slave Steven Hasselbeck “Etienne”. Hasselbeck was more than willing to cooperate, and talked about an organization within the SS, targeting mystic items throughout the world.

The Edda Gesellschaft.


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