The Allies in Darkness

The Spear of Destiny

Sweeping victories

German and Soviet forces had successfully forced Poland’s surrender even before the spies had completed their trip from Paris to the United States in pursuit of the notebook belonging to Antoine Louis. British and French troops had been unable to withstand the German assault and each withdrew to their own borders. Though still technically at war, for the moment active fighting has ceased.

Working in tandem, the spies were able to determine through a combination of mystic intuition, artwork, and historical acumen determine the notebook’s location: Monticello. Chartering a plane, they arrived well ahead of the woman in Auguste’s premonition and stole the book from Thomas Jefferson’s historical library. They made for the East Coast with all speed.

Andrew contacted a trusted friend in Boston to check on the legal owner of Antoine Louis’ notebook, and was told about a researcher working for the Rockefeller Foundation named Melissa Covington. He was told that the Rockefellers had already acquired four other texts in a like vein to the one he’d helped recover.

Actively studying the notes on their next transatlantic voyage, all three of the spies found their scientific insights greatly increased. However, all of them felt their humanity slipping away in favor of a cold ruthlessness which would allow no sentimentality to stand in its way. They burned Antoine’s book in a wastebasket.

On arrival in Britain, the spies visited Oxford and with the help of Aleister Crowley located the legendary Books of Mammon in the University library. Auguste/Hamlin asked the library’s curator to list the ancient book as “unavailable by any request, undergoing restoration” until the end of the war.

Before returning to France, the trio met up with their recently-convicted friend Major A.D. Wintle, having been released from the Tower of London after receiving a sentence of “Official Censure” for attempting to shoot a superior officer and theft of an aeroplane. Major Wintle gave the group a letter of recommendation to introduce them to General Mon de Galle in Bordeaux.

Hamlin revealed his supernatural nature to Major Wintle, and also told him that he’d seen Wintle being imprisoned in France in the future. Wintle admitted that he’d already been tasked with French intelligence operations should France fall to the Nazis in the future.

After a brief meeting with Maurice Babineaux in Paris, the spies decided to use their contact with General Mon de Galle to pursue the Edda Gesselschaft’s prime target: The Lance of Longinus in Istanbul.

Arriving in Istanbul, Melinda Moonlight quickly began building a rapport with the poor and disenfranchised children of the city, making herself a kind of spymaster of thieves. She learned of an old German man who had passed through the city weeks ago, but who still lived in the area.

Weeks passed as the spies engaged in the slow, tedious legwork of their investigation. Lead after lead proved fruitless, and no signs of enemy operatives made themselves apparent.

In a shot in the dark approach, the heroes took a direct assault raid on the Palace of Nightlord Ibrahim in the Nightlands, successfully destroying a number of evil artifacts and capturing an indestructible force for evil called Uriel, manifested as a silver rod.

The city became immediately more dangerous, with mysterious forces preying on the children that reported to Melinda. Hired assassins attacked Melinda and Hamlin in their beds, but proved no match for the Nightspawn.

A possessing entity began pursuing the spies, even as the local police marked them for arrest. The local French Foreign Legion began turning against the spies, even going so far as to ignore orders from Genral Mon de Galle to assist them.

The spies were within a day of finally locating the Spear of Destiny when a devious plan by their enemy landed two of them in prison. A message from General Mon de Galle secured their release, but too late to keep the Spear from being captured by Nazi agents. Hamlin’s precognitive abilities told him that the Spear was already en route to Germany.

Still being delayed by the possessing entity, the spies managed to get ahead of the train which they determined must have been the location of the Spear: the Orient Express.

The train seemed to have nothing in it out of the ordinary. Hours of surreptitious searching yielded no leads. The trio nearly believed they’d found the wrong train, or thought that the artifact might have been intercepted elsewhere.

Then through mystic awakening and skillful stealth, Hamlin sneaked into the baggage compartment and found, stashed in an unwary passenger’s bag, a golden pendant shaped like a spear.

They had recovered the Lance of Longinus.


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