Tag: French


  • Maurice Babineaux

    Maurice was a Great War veteran, and was gassed in Ypres. His lungs have been scarred ever since. He has become a skilled woodworker and owns a store in Paris.

  • Emmanuel Celestin Suhard

    Cardinal Suhard is very likely to be the next Archbishop of Paris. He is at odds with Rome's support of fascist governments, but is at heart not a staunch opponent.

  • Henri Fontaine

    Henri has done the Church's work in many parts of darkest Africa where evil magics are commonplace. He knows it is the duty of a priest to be a light in darkness.

  • Paris Hellfire Club

    In some form or another the Hellfire Club predates the French Revolution. It has been an exclusive and sought after membership, available only to people subject to a strict approval process by existing members.