Hamlin Uruqhart

MI-6 Mystic


Name: Hamlin Uruqhart
Alias: Auguste Dupin (Mystery Novelist)
Alias: 7-I
Class: Nightbane Mystic
Alignment: Scrupulous
HP: 25 / 87 SDC: 30 / 224 AR:14
Experience Level: 3
Experience: 2225 + 5425 (7650)
IQ: 17
ME: 15 / 16
MA: 18
PS: 12 / 26
PP: 14 / 20
PE: 12 / 26
PB: 14 / 16
Spd: 15 / 25
PPE: 215
Morphus Horror Factor: 8

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 160 lbs
Birth Order: Second
Land of Origin: Orkney Islands

Façade Combat:
Strike: Parry: 2 Dodge: 2 Damage: Attacks: 2 Initiative:
Saves: +3 vs magic, +1 vs psionics, +3 vs Horror Factor

Morphus Combat:
Strike: 7 Parry: 8 Dodge: 8 Damage: 11 Attacks: 3 Initiative: 1
Saves: +1 to ALL savings throws, +14 vs magic/illusions, +4 vs psionics, +4 vs HF
Perception: +1

Morphus Features: Chosen One
Physical Perfection
Mystical Protection (Vulnerable to Iron)
Branded with Magic Symbols (Alerts to Magic influence within 100 ft)
-30% to Disguise and Undercover Ops

Natural Abilities
The Becoming (Target: 10)
Nightvision: 200 ft/ 500 ft
Sense Nightbane 300 ft
Bio-Regenerate 10 HP/SDC per melee
Mirror Walk
Immune to Mind Control
Immune to Transformations

Hand to Hand: Basic
Language and Literacy: English 98%
Language and Literacy: French 98%
Speak German 73% +5%/ lvl
Lore: Magic 53% +5%/lvl
Lore: Religion 53% +5%/lvl
Dance 53% +5%/lvl
Cryptography 38% +5%/lvl
Radio: Basic 58% +5%/lvl
Undercover Ops 43% +5% /lvl
Intelligence 43% +4%/lvl
Writing 58% +5%/lvl

Secondary Skills
Prowl 38% +5%/lvl
Wilderness Survival 38% +5%/lvl
First Aid 58% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Automobile 67% +2%/lvl

Supernatural PS (Morphus Only)
Restrained Punch: 2D6 + 11
Full strength punch: 4D6 + 11
Power Punch: 1D4X10 + 11

Spell Range Duration Damage PPE Cost

Globe of Daylight 30 ft 3 min / lvl 2
See the Invisible 200 ft 1 min / lvl 4
Concealment 40 ft 5 min / lvl 6
Detect Concealment 30 ft area Instant 6
Levitation 60 ft 3 min / lvl 5
Sense Magic 120 ft 2 min/lvl 4
Invisibility: Simple Self 3 min/lvl 6
Level 1-3 Spell
Level 1-3 Spell
Level 1-4 Spell
Level 1-4 Spell
Level 1-4 Spell

See Truth
(One free)


Hamlin Uruqhart was born in the north of Scotland, where belief in mysticism is still common. It is just generally accepted that some people have “Second Sight”. Hamlin’s older brother Hamish was said to have an extraordinary gift for clairvoyance, until he was completely surpassed by the talents of his younger brother. Hamlin was so gifted that his parents began telling him he was “touched by the Faeries”. Some people in the Orkneys honestly believe Hamlin is a changeling.

Hamlin graduated from Oxford specializing in religious studies, and was quietly recruited by MI-6. His first assignment was a covert surveillance of the Gnostic mystic Aleister Crowley. Crowley and Hamlin became friends, and Hamlin discovered his ability to awaken his “Faerie” heritage (the Becoming). Hamlin delivered his report on Crowley, who was also recruited into government service.

Cover Identity:
Hamlin is currently living as novelist Auguste Dupin, a novelist from Morocco. He has been in Paris for a year now, and has legitimately written two less than profitable novels so far.

Hamlin looks as though he is some kind of ethereal Fae sorcerer, glowing a faint blue light out of runes which line his body. The glow increases when other magic users are near.

Hamlin Uruqhart

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